West Coast Basketball focuses solely on youth basketball. Whether you are a beginning player or an elite player, we offer training to all skill levels. We have teams from Grade K all the way up to 12th Grade and with each grade we have different skill levels. We evaluate all players and place them in their proper skill playing level.

All West Coast players will be trained by former professionals and former division 1 college athletes. Our belief is that in order to be elite, you must be trained by the elite. We train athletes to reach their maximum potential in order to give each one the best possible opportunity to succeed in the game of basketball. We focus and try to provide all the additional necessary tools and training needed to play at the middle school level, high school varsity level and the collegiate level. Our goal is to help each girl receive maximum exposure playing against the best possible competition and in all the top tournaments across the country. Although we cannot guarantee, we will do everything we possible can to help each Storm player achieve a scholarship to a 4 year University.


Our premier basketball player development program is unmatched in offering year-round training. West Coast offers a variety of athletic training programs for those who are serious about taking their talents to the next level. We are focused on proper decision making in game like situations, individual offensive and defensive skills development, strength, speed, and agility training. We prepare our young athletes to compete at their highest level by teaching them skills that are integral to properly transition to collegiate and professional levels.


West Coast coaches and administrators are well respected by college coaches and have developed relationships with coaches from virtually every major NCAA Division I University and college in the nation. West Coast coaches work tirelessly with and for you to find its members the best collegiate opportunity possible.


West Coast maintains the highest standards of integrity for our staff members. Our criteria or selection process for choosing coaches is evident in all of our coaches’ appearance, demeanor, and interaction with your child. All West Coast coaches are experienced, knowledgeable professionals who have proven ability to teach and develop young athletes. Throughout the training process each athlete will be encouraged, valued and respected. Their welfare and success will always be our primary concern.